FRANCE – Ecole Louise Michel


Louise Michel is a french ele­ment­ary pub­lic school with pu­pils from six years old to el­ev­en years old. There is about 230 pu­pils and 15 teach­ers (in­clud­ing teach­ers help­ing chil­drens with spe­cial needs). Our school is based in an area of the city where most of the fam­il­ies have so­cial dif­fi­culties and where a lot of our pu­pils’ par­ents are out of work. Like in all french schools, chil­dren with spe­cial needs are in­teg­rated in usu­al classes, be­ne­fit­ing help from a spe­cial teach­er or from an as­sist­ant in the classroom. We think that work­ing on em­ploy­ab­il­ity from a very early age is es­sen­tial, and par­tic­u­larly in a school as ours, with pu­pils who don’t even have em­ploy­ab­il­ity mod­el.