PO­LAND – Zespol Szkól w Krośnie Szkola Pod­sta­wowa


The Primary School in Krosno is a state school op­er­at­ing in the Wielko­pol­ska voivode­ship, in the Mos­ina com­mune. It is situ­ated in the sur­round­ings full of na­tion­al memen­toes con­nec­ted with the his­tor­ic­al fate of Po­land and its cit­izens, not far from Poznań and Gniezno, two big cit­ies which are closely re­lated with the be­gin­nings of the Pol­ish state­hood. The school is also loc­ated in the neigh­bour­hood of the Wielko­pol­ska Na­tion­al Park. There are 430 stu­dents in the grades 0 to 6 who are taken care by 35 teach­ers. The ma­jor­ity of our stu­dents are of rur­al back­ground. Their par­ents, who un­til re­cently have led their farms, are very of­ten threatened by un­em­ploy­ment which may in some cases res­ult in so­cial ex­clu­sion. That’s why the school, which is very of­ten the only place where they have ac­cess to the in­form­a­tion ow­ing to the school lib­rary and IT equip­ment, or­gan­izes the ad­di­tion­al classes for all our pu­pils to al­low them to de­vel­op their in­terests and pas­sions. There is also a sports club. Our stu­dents will­ingly take part in vari­ous vol­un­tary cam­paigns.